Global air freight

As an air freight forwarder, we are the perfect partner for shippers. We know the worldwide flight connections, the strengths, and weaknesses of the various airlines. We can distribute the services of almost all airlines and are not dependent on the services of individual airlines. Thus we are able to select the flight connections that are best suited for you as a shipper. It is not for nothing that the majority of the air cargo loading volume is handled by forwarders.


Your air freight professionals

Of course, in addition to selecting the airline and booking the flight, we also take over the air freight shipment in your warehouse or at your supplier. If you wish, we can create the export accompanying documents online at your local customs office.

The preparation of the freight documents, the handling of the customs clearance at the airport, the correct labeling with the air freight stickers are just as much a matter of course part of our scope of duties.

Regulated agent

A very important task as an air freight forwarder in the meantime is that we have to worry about safety in air freight traffic.

Cargo Wings is a regulated agent certified and registered by the German Federal Aviation Office. Our trained employees ensure that the necessary security checks are carried out smoothly.

Full-service air freight


In the case of deliveries by third parties, without you having the possibility of checking in advance, we ensure that the packaging is suitable for transport and, if necessary, improve it or discuss a solution with you. If necessary, we can organize the professional packaging of your shipments for you.

If necessary, we will neutralize your deliveries inside and outside, just as you wish.


If desired, we can cover the transport insurance for you. In the case of high-quality articles, a shortfall in cover quickly arises and any damage cannot be settled in full. We will be happy to advise you here.


If a delivery cannot be transported immediately, storage capacity is available to enable flexible planning.


If required, our in-house CargoTrace platform is available to you for placing and transmitting your orders online.

Things to know

Air freight cargo dimensions

Air freight safety

Are you interested?

If required, our in-house CargoTrace platform is available to you for placing and transmitting your orders online. Our motto is:

First the consulting, then the transport.

Air freight in a nutshell

  • Orders can be placed online if required

  • Pick up shipment

  • Weighing/Measuring

  • Labeling

  • Selection of airlines

  • Booking of flights

  • Creation and processing of EAD via ATLAS

  • Preparation and processing of preferential documents (EUR 1/ATR)

  • Preparation and processing of certificates of origin at the COC

  • Creation of freight documents (e.g. AWB)

  • Packaging service

  • Transport insurance

  • Export customs clearance (ABD, T1, customs warehouse, passive processing, inward processing, temporary usage certificates, Carnet ATA)

  • Safety aspects (X-Ray/ETD/processing BV)