Customs documents for export

We offer the preparation and customs clearance of customs documents, in particular, the export accompanying document, also independently of the commissioning of the transport itself.

Customs documents in accordance with the law

The problem-free creation of export and import documents is becoming more and more demanding.

It requires great care to successfully submit the necessary documents to the customs authorities to avoid conflicting foreign trade law

Diligence in customs clearance

Special provisions for transport to and from countries subject to embargo measures must be observed. Special types of goods and technology require greater attention and even the consignees or consignors may be subject to scrutiny in accordance with the relevant boycott lists.

Customs always up-to-date

Changes are almost the order of the day and processes must be adjusted permanently.

For us, this is our daily bread and butter and you don’t have to worry about any details after placing an order; an advantage not to be underestimated.

The preparation and customs clearance of customs documents such as movement certificates (e.g. EUR1, A.TR) is, of course, also part of the services we offer.

Are you interested?

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First the consulting, then the transport.