Air freight cargo dimensions

The large number of aircraft types of different manufacturers used, and additionally the aircraft configured according to the wishes of the airlines, as well as the ongoing modifications, do not allow for any generally valid specification of cargo dimensions.

Where we differentiate

Basically, we differentiate between passenger and freight aircrafts when shipping air freight. In addition, it depends on whether the route is short, medium or long.

The height and the individual weight of a package are the decisive factors for whether the transport can be carried out by air freight. However, the width and length of the packages are also an essential basis for planning.

Passenger aircraft

While on short-haul flights the maximum loading height is between 60 and 80 cm and the maximum unit weight between 80 and 150 kg, depending on the aircraft used, on medium-haul flights up to 110 cm height and 250 kg per package can be loaded.

The aircraft types used for long-haul flights, on the other hand, allow a height of 160 cm and unit weights of more than 1,000 kg.

Length and width depend on the type of aircraft used and the height of the package and vary accordingly from 80 to 110 cm in width and up to approx. 300 cm in length.

Cargo aircraft

Cargo aircraft can be loaded with heights of up to 300 cm and unit weights of several tons, depending on the aircraft type. Door widths of over 240 cm and lengths of the package limited only by the design of the aircraft are available.

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