Offer conditions

Our offers are always subject to confirmation until the conclusion of the contract and assume free unhindered transport routes and the continued validity of the freight rates, currency conditions and tariffs valid at the time of the offer.

We work exclusively on the basis of the German Freight Forwarders’ Standard Terms and Conditions 2017.

Note: Section 23 of ADSp 2017 deviates from the law with regard to the maximum amount of liability for damage to goods (§ 431 HGB) by limiting liability to 2 SDR/kg in the case of multimodal transport including sea transport and in the case of an unknown place of loss, and by additionally limiting the standard liability of 8.33 SDR/kg to 1.25 million euros per claim and 2.5 million euros per loss event, but at least 2 SDR/kg.

Additional costs for security control measures in air traffic

Our offer includes the costs for the aviation security controls by means of X-ray control/X-Ray*.

If problems arise during X-ray control, so-called black image, black alarm, dark alarm, e.g. product cannot be X-rayed, another suitable control measure must be applied.

Packages which cannot be X-rayed due to their nature (size, weight) must be subjected to another suitable control measure.

A suitable control measure is testing with explosives detection equipment, also known as a Sniffer or ETD (Explosive Tract Detector). As a rule, the packages must be opened for this purpose. Professional packaging companies at our disposal ensure that the packages are properly repackaged.

The costs for a possibly necessary suitable control measure are NOT included in our offer.

The costs for the possible involvement of packaging companies will be calculated according to the expense.

*The EU Regulation No. 2015/1998 regulates the control of air freight for export against the background of the particular threat to air traffic posed by criminal or terrorist attacks.

In general, air freight may not be loaded without prior inspection, unless it comes from a consignor (KC) certified by the Luftfahrtbundesamt (LBA) and has not been damaged or opened during pre-carriage.

The majority of export consignments leave the consignor as “unsecured cargo”, as certification is very costly and therefore out of the question for most consignors.

As a RegB (Regulated Agent), also certified by the Luftfahrtbundesamt (LBA), we provide you with the prescribed air freight security checks for your export shipments.

Additional costs for customs inspection of export air freight shipments

In the case of a customs ordered inspection, the goods must be transported to the central location of the customs office at Munich Airport in order to allow inspection by a customs officer. The opening and closing of the packages and the removal of articles in accordance with the instructions of the official must be carried out by our staff.

This results in higher costs for transporting the goods to the central location, monitoring the freight, also with regard to air freight security regulations, inspection activities and returning the consignment to our warehouse.

Additional costs incurred as stated below are NOT included in the offer price:

  • Detour incl. inspection activity
  • plain document review
  • packaging material, ribbons and foiling

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