Air freight safety

Aviation security refers to the defense against external threats such as hijackings, sabotage, and terrorist attacks.
Security measures have been significantly expanded as a result of the 9/11 attacks. Numerous internationally agreed rules have been drawn up and implemented through cooperation between authorities and companies, as well as being constantly updated and adapted.


Safety in air traffic concerns us all; 70 % of the air freight is carried on passenger aircraft already.

One measure to increase security is the creation of “Known Consignors” and “Regulated Agents”, the parties involved in the secure supply chain, approved by the Federal Aviation Office. The approval is dependent on the submission and review of an aviation security program and the aviation security training of the personnel.


Regulated agent

CARGO WINGS is a regulated agent authorized by the German Federal Aviation Office. We are part of the secure supply chain and are responsible for complying with legal safety requirements. We ensure security checks for the cargo entrusted to us.

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Federal Aviation Office

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